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Worship ministries

The ranks of the clergy are filled by men who are called by God to service in the Church through ordained ministry. At HTOC, we have a Priest and a Deacon assigned by the Bishop and several men in minor orders serving as Sub-Deacons and Readers.

All Orthodox Christians should examine their hearts to discern whether God may be calling them to special vocations within the Church, either as clergy (for men) or as monastics (for both men and women). If you feel you may have a vocation, speak with Fr Michael.


All Orthodox services require music and sung responses as part of the worship. At HTOC, we encourge everyone to participate in the service by singing. At the same time, those who can read music and sing parts are encouraged to sing with the choir, which provides harmony and leadership for the congregation's worship. If you would like to join the choir, speak with Sharon Gomulka, the choir director.

Altar servers

Young men and boys who are mature enough to follow the service and contribute towards its beauty and good order may serve in the altar with the clergy. Expectations and requirements for altar service can be found [HERE]. If you or your son would like to serve in the altar, speak with Fr Deacon Jacob Frimenko.


In addition to parts for the Priest, the Deacon, and the choir, Orthodox services usually have a role for a Reader. At HTOC, both men and women serve as Readers, though only men may be tonsured Readers formally. If you would like to serve as a Reader, speak to Fr Michael.


Orthodox churches are filled with beautiful things, and the beautiful things all get used well in the course of our worship. The vestry is responsible for keeping the clergy and altar servers' vestments, the altar cloths and the curtains clean and in good repair. If you would like to help with this work, speak with [NAME].

Prosphora baking

The bread which we use for the Eucharist is a special kind, made according to canonical specifications, and stamped on the top with a seal. Several women in the parish make the prosphora we use for the Eucharist, as well as the small loaves available in the narthex which we use for commemorations. If you can bake bread and would like to help make prosphora, see [NAME].


The greeters make themselves available before the Sunday Liturgy to greet visitors to the church, see that their needs are provided for, and follow up with them after the service. It is a ministry we hold in very high regard at HTOC. If you have good people skills and would like to welcome people to our church, see John LaDrigue.



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