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What we do: The Five Aspects of Parish Life

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There are several aspects to the life in Christ we are called to live: worship, fellowship, discipleship, service and outreach. All of them must be present if we are to be the Church that is one, holy, catholic and apostolic. At HTOC, we strive for balance among the five in the parish's life. We also encourage it in a personal way in the the lives of our faithful, so that people can find the abundant life that our Lord promises. If you have seen these five aspects in other churches and think we're just being trendy, be at peace. We're not. They are Biblical; the Church has always known about them. 

At HTOC, we use the aspects to organize our parochial life and ministries. Each aspect has one or more ministry coordinators, who make sure that its ministries are working well. The coordinators are there to help others fulfill their specific ministries and roles, not to do all the work themselves.


Our worship ministries include: clergy, choir, altar servers, readers, vestry, prosphora baking, and greeters.

The worship ministries coordinator: Fr Michael.

More on worship and its ministries can be found here.



Our fellowship ministries include: coffee hour, activities committee, visitation, the women's group, the men's group, and the youth group.

The fellowship ministry coordinator: .

More on fellowship and its ministries can be found here.



Our discipleship ministries include: catechesis (instructing those new to the faith) and adult education, spiritual direction, and the church school.

Discipleship ministries coordinators: Fr Michael & ...

More on discipleship and its ministries can be found here.



Our service ministries are divided into in-house and public ministries. In-house service ministries include: Parish Council and the building & grounds, finance, auditing, nominating, and [other] committees.

Public service ministries include: providing meals at SS Peter & Paul Church, and supporting local and pan-Orthodox charitable agencies, e.g. FOCUS Motor City, the Council of Orthodox Christian Churches, Orthodox Women's Fellowship of Greater Detroit, etc..

The in-house service ministry coordinator: 

The public ministry coordinators: 

More on service and its ministries can be found here.



Our outreach ministries covers evangelism and our various means of communications: this website, the Sunday bulletin and monthly calendar, newspaper notices and advertising, etc.

The outreach ministry coordinators: 

More on outreach and its ministries can be found here.



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