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Here you'll find links to videos, audio files, and documents to enrich your faith. Some of them are freely accessible. Some of them are exclusively for the use of our parishioners; these resources are not made public because they are copyrighted videos and audio files produced by others, which we purchased for our own use. A password will be required to access them.

a link to our services live streamed on YouTube, and

some recommended podcasts.

Devotional Aids

Information about our parish library

The Scripture readings and the lives of the Saints of the day

Prayers you may find useful.

Orthodoxy 101

Fr Barnabas Powell's introductory videos on the Orthodox Faith, Journey to Fullness. (video, offsite)

A series of talks for catechumens by Fr John Anderson, The Inner Life of the Church, on prayer, the Commandments,the Mysteries (Sacraments); Great Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha, and more. (audio/.mp3, offsite)

A second series of talks for catechumens by Fr John Anderson, What We Believe, on Creation, the Fall, the Work of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church and much  more. (audio/.mp3, offsite)

A 14-part series by Fr Josiah Trenham, The Catechism, on the basics of the Orthodox Faith. (audio/.mp3, offsite)

An extensive collection of basic information about Orthodoxy (document)

The Protecting Veil, a collection of short YouTube videos for inquirers, catechumens, and Orthodox who want to deepen their faith. (video, offsite, YouTube)

A collection of short YouTube videos for inquirers and catechumens on basics of the Orthodox Faith. (video, offsite, YouTube)

Orthodoxy 201

Fr Michael's adult education class. (audio/.mp3)

Fr Thomas Hopko's talk On the Sermon on the Mount. (audio/.mp3, offsite)

Fr Thomas Hopko's excellent talk on The Word of the Cross. (audio/.mp3, offsite)

Orthodoxy 301

Jonathan Pageau's YouTube channel. All his work is good; his explanation of Orthodox Christian themes and iconography are especially good. (video, offiste, YouTube)

Fr Thomas Hopko's seminary course on prayer. (audio/.mp3, offsite)

Fr Thomas Hopko, miscellaneous lectures (audio/.mp3, offsite, Ancient Faith)

Archimandrite Zacharias's talks on Ascetical Pastoral Theology, based on the teachings of St Silouan the Athonite and St Sophrony (Sakharov). (audio/.mp3, offsite)

Achrimandrite Zacharias' talks on his book, The Hidden Man of the Heart. (audio/.mp3, offsite)


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