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Devotional Helps

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A page of links to things like:

How to fast, fasting recipes/cookbooks

Notes, outlines, audio from adult ed, catechetical, late vocations classes

Serialized teaching from other things Fr Michael has written

How to keep an Orthodox home

How to confess

etc., etc., etc.

Adult Ed class recordings

Audio from Fr Michael's Sunday morning adult ed classes.

Sunday, 7 Jan 2018, on the church calendar

Sunday, 14 Jan 2018, on the Orthodox Study Bible
Handouts (in .pdf): New Testament reading plan, Old Testament reading plan

Sunday, 21 Jan 2018, on the structure of Great Lent & Paschaltide
Handout (in .pdf)

 Sunday, 28 Jan 2018, on Orthodox devotional items in the home.

Sunday, 4 Feb 2018, on Fr Michael's Conversion, & the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of Orthodox Spirituality & Great Lent.

Sunday, 11 Feb 2018, on Fr Michael's interview with Fr Justin, the librarian of the Monastery of St Catherine's on Mount Sinai. The actual interview, which was broadcast on DOOR radio, can be found here, episode #143, airing on 19 Feb 2018.

Sunday, 18 Feb 2018, on Great Lent, Forgiveness Vespers, The Great Canon, the Presanctified Liturgy, and how to keep the first week of Great Lent well.

Sunday, 25 Feb 2018, on Icons, their history and theory.

Sunday, 4 Mar 2018, on St Gregory Palamas and the Hesychast Controversy.

Sunday, 11 Mar 2018, on the Holy Cross, its types and its power. (BONUS: Fr Thomas Hopko's excellent presentation, on The Word of the Cross, part 1 and part 2)

Sunday, 18 Mar 2018, on St John Climacus, the Icon of the Ladder of Divine Ascent, and some selections from the book.

Sunday, 25 Mar 2018, on the Life of St Mary of Egypt.

Sunday, 1 April 2018, on the prophecy of Zechariah about the entry of the Lord into Jerusalem.