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A Prayer of St John of Kronstadt, as an example of Confession

I, a great sinner, confess to my Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ all the evil I have committed, uttered or thought since Baptism to the present day.

I have not kept the promises I gave in Baptism, and I have made myself worthless in the sight of God.

I have sinned before the Lord by lack of faith and by doubts in the Faith and in the Church; by lack of gratitude for all his great and never-ending goodness and long-suffering and his care for me, a sinner; by lack of love for God, and lack even of fear; by my refusal to keep God’s command-ments and the rules of the Church.

I have not loved God or my neighbor; I have not tried to learn God’s commandments and the Tradition of the Holy Fathers by reason of laziness and carelessness.

I have sinned in that I have not prayed morning and evening and in the course of the day; I have sinned in that I have been absent from Church services or have attended them without zeal, lazily and carelessly; I have talked during services, I have been inattentive, I have lacked concentration, I have walked out of Church during services and before the dismissal and final blessing.

I have sinned by judging men in priestly orders.

I have sinned by disregarding Feasts, by not keeping fasts, by immoderate use of food and drink.

I have sinned by being egotistical, by disobedience, by being a law unto myself, by self-justification, and by looking for approval and praise.

I have sinned by faithlessness, by little faith, doubting, despair, faint-heartedness, blasphemous thoughts, blasphemy, and by using the name of God in vain.

I have sinned in that I have been proud, thought highly of myself; I have been ambitious and vain, I have loved glory and praise, I have been jealous and I have been a braggart.

I have sinned by judging others, by speaking evil, by anger, remembrance of wrongs, hatred, returning evil for evil, speaking falsely, reproach, flattery, cunning, deceit, hypocrisy, gossip, argumentation, stubbornness, refusing to give way to my neighbor, gloating, malice, spite, abuse, and mockery.

I have sinned by needless laughter, remembrance of past sins, disrespectful behavior, and rudeness.

I have sinned in that I have given in to my feelings and emotions, I have enjoyed impure thoughts, I have been impure, I have been unclean in thought and feeling and deed.

I have sinned in being impatient in sickness and sorrow, in my love of comfort, excessive attachment to parents, children, relatives and friends.

I have sinned by hardness of heart, weakness of will; I have not compelled myself to do good.

I have sinned in being miserly, in loving money, in acquiring possessions I do not really need, in being deceitful, in excessive attachment to possessions.

I have sinned in judging others, in inattentiveness to the prompting of conscience, in not confessing my sins because I have lacked zeal or because of false shame. I have sinned many times in confession itself by deprecating sins, by self justification, by concealment of sin.

I have sinned against the holy and life-giving Mysteries of the Body and Blood of the Lord by approaching holy Communion without the appropriate preparation and prayer, without grieving at my sinfulness and without the fear of God.

I have sinned in word, deed, and thought, in knowledge and in ignorance, wittingly and unwittingly, and I cannot enumerate all my sins because of their great number. I truly repent of all these my sins and of the sins I have not mentioned by reason of forgetfulness. I ask to be forgiven because of God’s great mercy.


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